Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Gallica Rose in Little Egypt

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The new USDA Zone Hardiness map has the area of Southern Illinois USA (Little Egypt) in Zone 6 with Zone 7 working its way into the farthest southern reaches. Ideal conditions for growing Gallica Roses on their own roots.
Every Memorial Day with the Gallica Rose
Grown by the Romans and Greeks, the Gallica is native to Turkey and legend tells of roses brought back from the Levant during early mediaeval times. The Gallica comes in a dozen variaties and naturalizes very well in Southern IL. Once blooming with an odd sport or two in the autumn, the Gallica always puts on a breathtaking show around Memorial Day
Rosa Mundi, the original striped rose...
Unlike the tender Hybrid Teas that require lots of attention, the Gallica does well in the heat & shrugs off the cold. I never spray them and if they become prone to a powdery mildew on the leaves, companion planting with Garlic chives will cure that.
Rosa Mundi...Every one is unique
They only bloom one time per year, but they bloom nonetheless! They just need loose soil, lots of mulch and periodic ~5 year replanting during mid winter. Years 3-7 are always the best.
Gallicas and Espaliered Apple Trees

Make sure to get them as ‘Own Root’ varieties…

The essential flower for your very own, 'English Cottage Garden’...