Friday, August 17, 2012

The Dancing Goats Folk Ways Retreat:

Oak Knoll Farm OKF is a small holding in the heart of Little Egypt...OKF is named after the long closed commercial operation, Oak Knoll Nursery & has two mature Chestnut Oaks planted long ago by Eddie the Nurseryman at the top of the knoll.

OKF in Little Egypt

The Folk Retreat will feature intensive weekends Friday through Sundays...Visiting and resident Maker Artisans will practice their respective crafts and retreat participants will be able to 'Learn or Enhance' their Maker Skills...

A Specialty: Wood turning

A varied palette of Maker Artisans: Wood turning, Woodcarving, Hot Glass, Cold Glass, Nantucket Basket Making, Hand Thrown Raku Ceramics, Appalachian Broom Making, Spinning, Weaving, Rug Hooking, Knitting & Found Object Modification

The Forge of the Minds Eye!

Based on the North Country Retreat, students will become Makers working alongside Journey person Artisans...

Varied Studios, Including Our Specialty Craft Tents

Long days...That do not seem like it...Time flows differently in 'The Maker Zone'!

Watch our You Tube Channel, TheDancingGoats for informative videos, lessons and our activities as we build the Folk Retreat: Http://

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Wood-Turners Muse:
A Matched Boxwood Pair

Of all of the thousands of odds and ends I have handled and sold over the last 30 years these 2 little Apothecary Spoons are among the most treasured.
Finial Detail

Probably used in a pharmacy in Victorian England...They are too odd, broken and arcane to have much monetary value, but look at the craftsman work in their making...

Broken but not damaged!

Boxwood & Lathe Turned & the little bowls are carved.

A Delicate Touch in the Making
I have been turning for 30 years and cannot produce items of this skill level at a marketable price.
Is a plastic measuring spoon a better alternative? Perhaps so, perhaps not…These items always provide an example of what to work for in my turnings…Quality effort that was probably just a Journeyman effort on the part of the turner that made these items. They are items I come back to and aspire to…

Like Tolkien, I feel we have lost something in our headlong rush to mass produce and consume…Perhaps these little spoons were in use in the shire?