Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Wood-Turners Muse:
A Matched Boxwood Pair

Of all of the thousands of odds and ends I have handled and sold over the last 30 years these 2 little Apothecary Spoons are among the most treasured.
Finial Detail

Probably used in a pharmacy in Victorian England...They are too odd, broken and arcane to have much monetary value, but look at the craftsman work in their making...

Broken but not damaged!

Boxwood & Lathe Turned & the little bowls are carved.

A Delicate Touch in the Making
I have been turning for 30 years and cannot produce items of this skill level at a marketable price.
Is a plastic measuring spoon a better alternative? Perhaps so, perhaps not…These items always provide an example of what to work for in my turnings…Quality effort that was probably just a Journeyman effort on the part of the turner that made these items. They are items I come back to and aspire to…

Like Tolkien, I feel we have lost something in our headlong rush to mass produce and consume…Perhaps these little spoons were in use in the shire?

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