Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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Unique Turned Fiber Tools in Native American Hardwoods

The formula for a Russian Spindle includes a Wood Turning Tool that is simply amazing.
Russian Spindle Ingredients

The English Oval Skew from Robert Sorby has cut the turning time on these complex spindles in half…

 No tool is probably responsible for turning more turners away from the lathe than the Skew…When things go wrong with this tool, they become the object example of what not to do…& most turnings on the bad end of a Skew mistake do not survive. It's Oval profile makes for a smooth surface on a long cut...

 I will use it nonetheless & its application drives all other thoughts from my mind while in use…Very much of a Zen like experience when used well...There is really no other way to make a cut across the grain of a burl and leave a mirror smooth finish. The Burl in the Photo is spinning at 1100RPM and is stopped with a 1/4000th’s second exposure…This is one photo from the Time Lapse Sequences previously posted on You Tube!

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