Sunday, July 22, 2012

Today see one hour of Bee Yard activity in one Minute!

Oak Knoll is a small farm and our bees polinate our orchards...They are Italian Honeybees...We have been feeding them using an Amish Style Feeding System
During the Great Drought of 2012...There are two hive styles in the video. An 8 Frame Amish Hive and a 5 Frame Garden Hive with added Supers on both. I think the Bees like the 5 Frame and to me it resembles the hollow logs they seek out in the forest...They will need 80-90 pounds of honey to safely get through the winter...

My Amish friends are much too modest to advertise, but they make wonderful Cypress Hives at a very resonable price.
A 1000NM Deep IR View of the Bee Yard

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