Thursday, July 19, 2012

My customers always ask how I get the burls that I turn so smooth...The secret is the 'The English Oval Skew' Another example of 'Beauty & Peril' in my work...Peril from its use...Beauty from the result...The Oval Skew requires great concentration, but produces a result like no other...A lateral cut with this tool leaves a turning with a glass smooth finish...I keep it razor sharp...The English Oval Skew’s Oval profile allows me to make a smooth lateral cut across the grain of the wood, including burls…The surface it leaves is amazing…Sanding in both directions with the reversing motor on my Antique Atlas Screw Making machine is the other secret to the smooth finish on my turnings…Fiber folks are a discerning group and a sticky turning just will not do when it comes to fiber tools!
Persimmon Russian Spindle

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