Friday, July 27, 2012

The ImaginariumForge attempts to illustrate the creative muse that inspires TheDancingGoats
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I never tire of the mysteries of a Bee Hive…Their little lives are so very foreign to our nature…Their difference and dedication is admirable and fascinating. Manipulation of the hive is not something we do lightly & will always have a purpose associated with it. Making room for the growth of a new hive and making sure they can lay in enough stores for winter is our main priority…The new video shows us adding a new layer or Super to the hive...

Honey Bees building new comb and laying in the goods...


  1. Hi, nice to see that someone else has a blog in the group. Check out my blog at


  2. Teresa,

    Thanks & welcome...Great to see what other Makers are up to.



  3. Hmm honey, I always think the honey bee is so cute! I see them running around or working together or even "talking" makes you want to pick them up and pet them :)