Friday, November 21, 2014

A List of the Colonial Trades

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Miles to Go and A Library to Build:

Maker notes for my students...
A List of the Colonial Trades at the End...
·         The time it takes to learn to be a journey person Maker is significant…
·         It requires an extensive library that targets colonial skill sets from the 16 & 1700’s

Basket Reed for Besoms
Study and Practice:
-Build 1st Principle Skills
-Read about a chosen trade
-Try a simple project
-Build on success
-Challenge your skill set every day

Finnish Landrace and Shetland Fleece Ready to Card
In an extremely local economy the ability to practice a trade is invaluable.

The Woodworker and Allied Trades, Leather Worker an Allied Trades
and Spinning & Weaving embodied a significant proportion of daily activity
during Colonial times.
Anyone practicing these skilled trades found themselves valued members of their society.

Our Fleece Dyed with Cushing Acid Dye

Pick a trade...
Build a library...
Practice a Craft...
For the World Made by Hand
Trades in Colonial America during the 16/1700’s
·         Apothecary - acted as pharmacist, doctor, dentist, and general storekeeper
·         Basket Maker
·         Barber - cut hair; also was a surgeon
·         Beekeeper: Wax & Honey
·         Blacksmith-Armorer - made things from iron and repaired weapons
·         Bookbinder
·         Breeches maker/ Tailor
·         Brick maker
·         Broom Maker
·         Cabinetmaker - made and repaired furniture
·         Carpenter-joiner - built interiors of ships and houses
·         Chandler - made candles
·         Coach maker - made coaches and wagons
·         Cooper - made containers of wood, such as barrels
·         Cutler - made, sold, and repaired knives and scissors
·         Distiller- Medicine/Fuel/Spirits
·         Dressmaker
·         Doctor
·         Farmer
·         Farrier - shoed horses and acted as a veterinarian
·         Goldsmith - made hollow ware (bowls, cups, and vases) and jewelry
·         Gunsmith
·         Colonial Trade Craft
·         Hatter
·         Harness Maker
·         Leather dresser
·         Milliner - made dresses and hats and sold accessories
·         Music Teacher
·         Orchard/Soft Fruit Farmer
·         Pewter/Tinsmith
·         Printer - published the newspaper, sold books and other printed materials, and often served as postmaster
·         Rope maker
·         Saddler - made saddles, harnesses, and other leather items
·         Shoemaker/ Cobbler
·         Silversmith
·         Spinner
·         Tavern Keeper - provided meals, drinks, entertainment, and lodging
·         Tinker
-         Tinsmith
·         Tool Maker
·         Treen Maker, Spoons & Kitchen Items
·         Weaver
·         Wheelwright - made wheels and carts
·         Wigmaker
·         Whitesmith - made things of iron and steel, then polished them to make them look like silver