Sunday, July 29, 2012

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The Other Bee:
Osmia lignaria is the Native American Bee

Close up of the OMB Catalpa Hive Body

The Orchard Mason Bee is a shy and gentle master pollinator. I use a 6 inch by 6 inch block of end grain Catalpa mounted to an Ash frame...The Females will lay their eggs in a 5/16th inch hole by preference, but I put a few 3/8th's and 1/2 inch holes in the block, so that I can stick the cocoons in there for a hatching chamber if I need to order some. The smooth holes are 5 inches deep. There are 5 broods in this hive, each with about 30 little ones. The males are at the front of the mud plugs and are mostly expendable, just like in a Honey Bee Hive...
One of 4 OMB Hives that we keep at Oak Knoll Farm

Try putting up a hive and see if the little holes get plugs of mud in them before ordering your OMB's.
I made and gave one to a friend and he had OMB's fill its space within a week...
They are 'The Bee in Black' Watch out for the BIB...They are hard to spot...
Just Google: Osmia lignaria  for lots more info...
I got mine from Leon at and they seem to be happy at
Oak Knoll Farm.

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