Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Fibonacci Numbers as a Design Guideline
Or Approximating the Golden Mean of 1:1.618
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Making things that folks find attractive seems to have a universal principle operating on some sort of Fractal Harmony in the Noosphere.
In my experience the Fibonacci Numbers, when used as a design guideline never fail.
5 by 8 Woodblock Print
Any 2 of the numbers in the sequence are reliable.
Where the magic starts is combining 3 in the sequence...
A 3-5-8 Jewel Case
Take the 1st measurement in a project and apply the proportions of the Fibonacci Numbers...
A simple Maker's gateway to bypass the complicated mathematics of
The Golden Mean of 1:1.618
Another 3-5-8 Celtic Jewel Case
It is a mystery that philosophers and artists have struggled with for millennia...
Is it a Universal Principle?
Just a construct of our base 10 mathematics?
A 5-8-13 Nostepinne...
It's simple and it always works...Like a principle of Lao Tzu...
Seems like the Tao in Action to me!

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  1. Loved reading, and loving the nostepinne! I have yet to use this within my art but I have been wanting to make something in fiber with it - the trick will be in the execution. :)