Monday, April 28, 2014

Shearing Days at Oak Knoll Farm

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The ultimate goal of a decade of conversation comes to pass at Oak Knoll Farm!
Shearing Days!
Winter's Fleece Ready to Shear
On the stand and some extra attention from the Sheep Whisperers...A chance to look them over and make sure of their health...Trim the little hooves and blanket shear the fleece.
Dori the Finnish Landrace Baby Getting the Full Treatment
5 Shetland & 4 Finnish Landrace Sheep make their home with us...Fili is a rare Finn gelding that survived the procedure long ago and has come to live with us. His son Kili is always by his side...
They are very gentle natured...

Finn Wethers, Fili & Kili

 What would two stressful days be without a treat of the beloved Alfalfa pellets?
The secret to successful management...Lets us lead them and they never need to be chased...
All Shorn and Looking for a Treat
 I shear using a technique called the Blanket & leave about an inch of fleece on them.
Don't want them getting sunburned or cold when the weather changes.
After Two Long Days & Headed back to the Fold

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