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The House of Rain Book Review

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House of Rain: Tracking a Vanished Civilization Across the American Southwest… by Craig Childs
A Review
One of the essential American Archaeology titles in TheDancingGoats Library
Chaco Canyon Complex
Staring through enigma’s lens. Stand above Chaco Wash and look down on Pueblo Bonito… Stand on top of Chimney Rock, look at Huerfano Mesa, Dzil Na'oodilii to the Navajo & you are looking at the signaling station to let Chaco know of the great 19 year cycle of the Moon. Roads that run straight for hundreds of miles. Construction techniques identified without plausible conjecture as to how they were carried out. Fajada Butte's Great Calendar…Enigmas all…
Craig knows what the archaeologists have forgotten. There were
many more people in the Southwest than is widely acknowledged, time is deep and current
explanations are too simple. Not hindered by the vicious politics of archaeological academia
Craig asks questions that others dare not. His answers are neither political nor archaeological.
They are sociological conjecture supported by compelling logic…
The best one so far by the wild man of the desert… ( )

Unbelievable Masonry Techniques
All of this complex stone work was covered with Adobe. What aesthetic could account for this? 

Odd Alignments
Windows where none should dwell...except the Sun or the Moon at season's tide change...

Kivas Everywhere

No wood within a hundred miles...No water...The wood from the wrecked buildings was used as firewood by the early archaeologists...Was the region around the great lunar observatory at Chimney Rock also the source of the thousands of  logs for the Kiva's and Pueblo's?  Once every 19 years the moon passes through Chimney Rock's the twin towers...
A remarkable event...What changes did it trigger?
Did it correlate with similar observations at the great lunar monitor on Fajada Butte?

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