Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Http://TheDancingGoats.com at The World Sheep Festival
Bethel MO September 1 & 2 2012

How long have we been partners and lived in Symbiosis with the creatures we call farm animals?
Much further back than anyone currently believes is my guess.
The mysteries surrounding the varied forms of plant and animal domestication that human kind performed in deep prehistory, keep getting pushed back by new discoveries…
Shep working the flock

The different varieties of the Shepherd Dog is one example. To see them work is a wonder to behold & is also one of the reasons we like the  regional Sheep and Wool festivals…There is usually a competition to see which dogs perform the ancient rituals and commands the best…
Time to Go Where Shep & Shepherd desire

Perform they do…The dogs in line waiting their turn are always more riveted by the competition than anyone else there & watch the moves of their fellows with thoughtful contemplation…If that sounds far fetched…Go watch them some time…
Bunnies: Another Favorite...
A little orange bunny: The hit of the show...
Bunnies, especially the angoras, who lived in the tents of the middle east, seem to almost like their confinement…Their coat and wool is exceptionally soft.
Confinement is Safety!


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