Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Imaginarium Forge is the ETSY Shop BLOG of The Dancing Goats:

New Videos on YouTube: Learning to Draft & Use of the Nostepinne

 Our Folk Ways Retreat will feature intensive hands on Northern Folk School style instruction with a varied palette of instructors.
TheDancingGoats At the Waterloo Sheep Festival
At the All Missouri Spin In

Free instructional videos on our YouTube channel are designed as an example of our classes and to help with the beginning 'First Principles’ of various craft practices…Often the only barrier to becoming a Maker: Learning the Basics…That's 1st Principles
The Drop Spindle Dance

 Become a Maker, with The Dancing Goats traditional Folk Ways Tools & Instruction.
Russian Spindles with Fiber

 The first two lessons are posted on YouTube…The first of many…

 Learning to Draft: Drafting Fiber is a core First Principle in Spinning of all types…

Use of the Nostepinne: A cool and ancient tool, the Nostepinne makes Center pull balls of yarn…Any old smooth stick with parallel sides will do, but I like for a tool to have style & be useful at the same time…
Long John Silver's Nostepinne for Craft Yarns

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