Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hyper Stereo Pairs in HDR:
White Sands National Monument Central Dune Field at Sunset
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In the Tularosa Basin ...
White Sands National Monument

This Hyper Stereo Pair, taken at sunset with the lens stopped all the way down. The exposure runs at about 2-3 seconds.

It is in the central dune field a couple of miles from the road looking due north towards the Trinity Site...It seems like another planet when you are there. That there might be a vast sandworm waiting unseen, with a Galactic Heighliner floating overhead...That's what time in the New Mexico desert will do to your mind....32.835336,-106.261772
Hyper Stereo requires a Longer baseline for enhanced 3D.
The White Sands Dune Field Stereo Pair was taken with a Sony A350...
The interaxial stereo base is the distance between the ‘eyes’...If your eyes measured 1 Meter between them, this is what you would see! The Camera takes 2 images with one meter separation with a slight 3 degree angle towards the opposite image...
White Sands National Monument in Mammoth Vision!
Click the image and size it so that it takes up the full width of your screen.
Cross your eyes till 3 images appear...Concentrate on the one in the middle and focus.
Try having your eyes about the same distance from your monitor as it is wide.
Our vision of the world and its relation to art and creation are no longer limited by our biology and attempting to perceive the environment like the other creatures that share the biosphere drive a corner of my creative endeavors...

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