Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wood Turning a Nantucket Basket Mold on the 1946 Atlas Screw Making Engine

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In 1946, my Grandfather gave $647 for this Lathe & used it for decades to make his own screws.That was a half a years wages back then & I still marvel at this tool. Converted to use as a wood turning lathe for the last 30 years & source of thousands of turnings… It is my most important tool…As a Tool Maker, one of the most important aspects in Making is creating a velvety smooth working surface & that is where the reversing
itch on this tool comes in handy...

1946 Atlas Craftsman Screw Making Engine
Nantucket Basket Making is another Colonial Maritime Craft that deserves wider use...We
will have a 1st Principles Nantucket Basket Making Video up soon...
Nantucket Basket Molds with Reeds Drying to Shape
The concept of the slotted base that fixes the reed and the mold that fixes the shape
have been bound by tradition for centuries.
A Tool for a Maker’s Odyssey
 As an innovation in Basket Making and a departure for experimentation and study, the Nantucket Basket Mold is a tool like no other.

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