Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hyper Stereo Pairs:
Exploration of Exceptional Depth of Field
Fouquieria splendens at Carlsbad Caverns in Smilodon Vision

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On the Chihuahuan Desert
Ocotillo cover in the Desert

Hyper Stereo Pair, taken with a thunderstorm in the distance.
12 inches of separation is the 'Interaxial' base or distance between the eyes for this image.
The Smilodon was a huge predator of the Ice Age and some of them
got up to 800 pounds...This is my interpretation of what their
Hyper Vision might have produced...Exceptional Depth of Field...
Hyper Stereo requires a Longer baseline for enhanced 3D.
The Carlsbad Stereo Pair was taken with a Sony A350...
Click the image and size it so that it takes up the full width of your screen.
Cross your eyes till 3 images appear...Concentrate on the one in the middle and focus.
Try having your eyes about the same distance from your monitor as it is wide...

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