Sunday, February 10, 2013

Watch Coral's New Time Lapse Video with the Russian Spindle on You Tube:
TheImaginariumForge, is the ETSY Shop BLOG of TheDancingGoats…
Another excellent Time Lapse Video has been posted by fellow ETSY'ian, Coral of
Greasemoth Fiber Arts. But this one is extra special...She is using a Compromise Russian
Spindle from TheDancingGoats...Great music choice.
Watch her video to see how this spindle can make a lot of fiber in a short amount of time.
Ancient Tool Forms with a Twist that make a Twist...
Hooked Russian Spindles from TheDancingGoats ETSY Store
My support spindles are made using ancient tool form examples and the hook is added to facilitate ease of use. The hook perfectly centers the fiber and they spin for a long time. The hook is not just screwed into the spindle, I use modern adhesives and the hook becomes part of the spindle when the epoxy resins harden...Made to look like the old ones, but work in a new way.
Compromise Russian & French Spindle Forms

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