Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cosmic Irony: The Most Difficult Photo

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As a dedicated practitioner of Luminous Landscape style photography, long hours are spent sighting, framing, planning and travel for a photographic window that lasts for about 15 minutes at dawn and dusk

Photographic Hunting Ground...
The photo taken at mesa arch captures the holy grail of desert photography, Lemon, Orange and Purple in lurid grandeur… The 50 other photographers at the location that morning left the experience something less than satisfying.  38.388007,-109.864537
Mesa Arch at Mid Summer Sunrise
Best and favorite though are not the same. 37.937378,-107.811756…Humor in a photo, especially Irony is an exceptionally difficult assignment …I found what they hide in Telluride quite by accident…Neither gold, nor herbs, but a little dog next to a sign…Of the tens of thousands of photos taken over decades, this is one of my favorites.
Layers of Irony...

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