Monday, October 7, 2013

Broom Corn for the Ozark Fiber Fling

Getting the Broom Corn Ready
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Related the the Sorghum family, broom corn revolutionized broom making in the late 1700's...Heather and Birch twigs made most of the brooms prior to the 1790's
Broom Corn grows up to 10 feet tall...
A tall plant with a very durable fiber...After the fibers turn green, they are ready to lay...I leave them like this for about a week.
Laying the Corn
 The time to take the seeds off is right after they are cut...
Broom Corn ready for the comb
Combing the Seeds is a very labor intensive process...
 Getting the Fiber Ready for Broom Making

Fibers and seeds drying on the skirting frame
Harvest...Nature's Amazing Bounty
Join The Dancing Goats at the Ozark Fiber Fling and learn how to make Brooms the ancient way with a tying frame and some twine.
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An added bonus to the Broom Making Class will be some of the seed in the photo...
Grow and process your own Broom Corn and gain a appreciation for this ancient hand craft...

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