Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fiber U MOPACA Event

Fiber U MOPACA Event
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MOPACA, http://www.mopaca.org/ hosts an annual learning event
called Fiber U
The Dancing Goats at FIBER U!
Classes cover the gamut of learning opportunities in the fiber arts and the vendor selection provides the Tools and Fiber...
Making Tools for Fiber Folks is what we are about...
Of the hundred or so crafts shows we have participated in, FIBER U is one of the best.
From the organization, schedule, food, sales & location, FIBER U fits the Goldilocks criteria
of being Just Right!
Bowls for Support Spinners
Dedicated and New Makers attended classes and came away with items newly made by hand...
Tools for Makers
In a 'World Made by Hand', Makers will never want for food nor shelter...
Learning the ancient hand crafts creates a satisfaction like no other activity I know of.
Read 'World Made by Hand', by James Howard Kunstler to inspire your inner Maker...
Read Something, Learn Something, Make Something...Every Day.


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