Friday, July 5, 2013

The Last Two

The Last Two
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Turning Burls, Figuring and Knots at my lathes is the ultimate expression of my art and muse.

The Atlas & Delta Lathes

I call the patterns that emerge, Gaia’s Fractal Tapestry, patterns woven in the secret dark that only the lathe can tell. In the lore of my Powhatan ancestors, everything is alive and has a spirit…Spirits that can be heard by listening with the right senses.

Bowls Ready for Turquoise Inlay
Locked away in the dark, waiting for the hand to unveil and convey their message.
Turquoise, fallen shard of the sky, embedded in a jewelers matrix in a place not expected.

Gaia's Fractal Tapestry
The two Walnut Burl bowls are the last ones from a giant beam that came from a wreck of an ancient barn…A Walnut 6 by 6, 12 feet long. Iron heavy, Only metal cutting band saw blades would cut it up…
Turned into 5 dozen bowls that never left more than one or two on our tables at a time…

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