Friday, January 30, 2015

Lesson's 1-6 Shallow Relief Woodcarving

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The new series of Carving Lessons on TheDancingGoats You Tube channel, illustrate the steps involved in Shallow Relief...Keep projects simple and use classic elements...A well executed simple project is always admired and appreciated. Lessons 1-6 are just about Shallow Relief work...and the boxes in the lessons are the primary place where shallow relief can be found in my work.
The lessons were done during one very cold day in January and constitute a 12 hour day of carving.
One full day of carving time per box is usually my target...

Pistol Case Front with Wolves and the Moon
Turn a photo or illustration into a line drawing...Lay out and shade for staining or color...

Pistol Case Top: A Stylized Stampede of Bison Bison
Celtic Art is a festival favorite, is tedious to carve, but always worth the effort...I never have more than one of these boxes at a time...

Celtic Jewel Case with the Anglo Saxon Runic Futhark
'Not all those who Wander are Lost'
Glass or stone cabs, hobnails, hasps, corners, hinges, handles, shelves, padding, mirror...The carving is just the start and that adds up to more than the sum of the parts...

Grace Note: Kiln Fired Glass Cab...


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