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Plying with the Nostepinne and Tibetan Spindle New You Tube Video

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New Folkways Lesson: Learn to make finished yarn with the Tibetan Spindle and a Nostepinne!
For new spinners, we recommend trying a bottom whorl support spindle as a 1st spindle, the cost is low and the learning success rate is high...Many spinners tell us they have quit using all of their other spindles in favor of my Compromise Tibetans.
There are many to choose from in our ETSY Store!
Look for my customer feedback on this tool...
The Tibetan Spindle form is an ancient tool and spindles in this style are found all over the world.
The most common of spindle types in the early anthropology texts and early Smithsonian Ethnographic reports. 

Bottom Whorl Tibetan Spindle in Apple Wood
The Nostepinne or Yarn Stick and a Tibetan Spindle are all the tools required to make a finished yarn...Great for demonstrating at Festivals. My Nostepinne has a 30-1 taper and that makes a tight ball of yarn very easy to remove 

The Ancient Yarn Stick
All of the over dyed Shetland Yarn in the image was made on a Tibetan Spindle.
Ready for my Navajo Loom...
Over Dyed with Cushing Acid Dyes...Available in our ETSY Store 

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